The mission of Pathematics™ is to introduce new and creative ways of teaching to inspire a passion for learning.  We believe that true understanding can only be achieved by reconnecting children with their natural sense of wonder.


Traditional methods of instruction often present math to children like an awful pill that has to be swallowed.  Often elementary school teachers are not enthusiastic about math, and this distaste for the subject is passed on to the next generation.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Math can be fun.  Math can be relevant.  Teachers and students alike can learn to see math in a new, interactive way.

We don’t see Pathematics™ as a project that has a start and a finish. We want this to be a work in progress, with teachers and students continually developing new activities and games. The Forum section of this website (currently under development) will be a place where educators can compare notes on Pathematics™, provide us with feedback, and help each other get the most possible benefit from the program. Only by working together can we help make the world of numbers accessible to all children.