Lesson plans for Pathematics™ range from worksheet-driven activities to very active games. Click on one of the links below to see examples of how children learn math through Pathematics™.

big-and-smallThe Big and the Small

Grade: 4-5

Competency Goals: Multiplication fluency, number sense to from 0.01 to 100,000, decimal notation, problem-solving strategies.

Items Needed: Clipboards, Big & Small Worksheets, Factor markers, Number spinner, LifeSaver candies or similar, 100 pennies, small round stickers (blank price tags).


number-huntNumber Hunt

Grade: 3-5

Competency Goals: Multiplication, pattern recognition, square numbers, prime numbers.

Items Needed: Number Hunt worksheets, clipboards, pencils.


number-hunt-nh501Number Hunt Worksheet HN501





lost-in-mathLost in Math

Grade: K-2 (can be used as a warm-up for older students)

Competency Goals: Number sense, estimation

Items Needed: A blindfold or bandana, a dry erase board, markers.



golden-busGolden Bus

Grade: 1-3

Competency Goals: Addition from 0-100, place value, number sense from 0 –100. Also cartography (map reading).

Enhanced Goals: Subtraction from 0-100.

Items Needed: A marker for 10 (gold), materials for drawing a large map (sidewalk chalk or paper and crayons), a rolling chair (optional).